Infini Mirror

Pair your beautiful Venetian or Lunar radiator with AEON’s Infini Mirror, featuring a sophisticated LED inlay to create that iconic ‘infinite’ effect. The Infini Mirror addition creates a multipurpose focal point, that adds comfort and style to any room.

The Details

  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Available in 4 size options
  • Available in Brushed Matt and Polished Finishes
  • Also available in beautiful Gold, Black, Bronze, Antique Bronze, Copper and Rose Gold physical vapour deposition (PVD) finishes
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery on all variants except INM1826-S and INM2026-S models
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery


The Range




INM1826-ABP180026050------24.2Antique Bronze Polished PVD£2,389.05
INM1826-ABS180026050------24.2Antique Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,352.34
INM1826-BKP180026050------24.2Black Polished PVD£2,866.87
INM1826-BKS180026050------24.2Black Brushed Matt PVD£2,767.46
INM1826-BP180026050------24.2Bronze Polished PVD£2,389.05
INM1826-BS180026050------24.2Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,352.34
INM1826-CUP180026050------24.2Copper Polished PVD£2,389.05
INM1826-CUS180026050------24.2Copper Brushed Matt PVD£2,352.34
INM1826-GP180026050------24.2Gold Polished PVD£2,389.05
INM1826-GS180026050------24.2Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,352.34
INM1826-RGP180026050------24.2Rose Gold Polished PVD£2,389.05
INM1826-RGS180026050------24.2Rose Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,352.34
INM1826-S180026050------24.2Brushed Matt£1,383.73
INM1836-ABP180036050------30.6Antique Bronze Polished PVD£2,450.31
INM1836-ABS180036050------30.6Antique Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,412.66
INM1836-BKP180036050------30.6Black Polished PVD£2,940.37
INM1836-BKS180036050------30.6Black Brushed Matt PVD£2,838.42
INM1836-BP180036050------30.6Bronze Polished PVD£2,450.31
INM1836-BS180036050------30.6Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,412.66
INM1836-CUP180036050------30.6Copper Polished PVD£2,450.31
INM1836-CUS180036050------30.6Copper Brushed Matt PVD£2,412.66
INM1836-GP180036050------30.6Gold Polished PVD£2,450.31
INM1836-GS180036050------30.6Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,412.66
INM1836-RGP180036050------30.6Rose Gold Polished PVD£2,450.31
INM1836-RGS180036050------30.6Rose Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,412.66
INM1836-S180036050------30.6Brushed Matt£1,419.21
INM2026-ABP200026050------30.0Antique Bronze Polished PVD£2,467.81
INM2026-ABS200026050------30.0Antique Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,429.89
INM2026-BKP200026050------30.0Black Polished PVD£2,961.38
INM2026-BKS200026050------30.0Black Brushed Matt PVD£2,858.70
INM2026-BP200026050------30.0Bronze Polished PVD£2,467.81
INM2026-BS200026050------30.0Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,429.89
INM2026-CUP200026050------30.0Copper Polished PVD£2,467.81
INM2026-CUS200026050------30.0Copper Brushed Matt PVD£2,429.89
INM2026-GP200026050------30.0Gold Polished PVD£2,467.81
INM2026-GS200026050------30.0Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,429.89
INM2026-RGP200026050------30.0Rose Gold Polished PVD£2,467.81
INM2026-RGS200026050------30.0Rose Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,429.89
INM2026-S200026050------30.0Brushed Matt£1,429.35
INM2036-ABP200036050------36.6Antique Bronze Polished PVD£2,529.07
INM2036-ABS200036050------36.6Antique Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,490.21
INM2036-BKP200036050------36.6Black Polished PVD£3,034.89
INM2036-BKS200036050------36.6Black Brushed Matt PVD£2,929.66
INM2036-BP200036050------36.6Bronze Polished PVD£2,529.07
INM2036-BS200036050------36.6Bronze Brushed Matt PVD£2,490.21
INM2036-CUP200036050------36.6Copper Polished PVD£2,529.07
INM2036-CUS200036050------36.6Copper Brushed Matt PVD£2,490.21
INM2036-GP200036050------36.6Gold Polished PVD£2,529.07
INM2036-GS200036050------36.6Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,490.21
INM2036-RGP200036050------36.6Rose Gold Polished PVD£2,529.07
INM2036-RGS200036050------36.6Rose Gold Brushed Matt PVD£2,490.21
INM2036-S200036050------36.6Brushed Matt£1,464.83
When ordering suffix the product code with "S" for brushed matt finish and "P" for polished finish. Fuel options: E: Electric only H: Hot Water only D: Dual Fuel which is both electric in summer and central heating hot water in winter Prices include delivery. However a delivery charge may be applicable to Scottish Highlands and overseas postcodes.
Prices above are recommended retail prices and are exclusive of any customer duty, levy or value added tax. Pipe centre measurements are incorporating pair of valve distance of 45mm each where applicable. Outputs published are to EN442 at ΔT50. Multiply by 1.268 to convert the outputs to ΔT60.
Prices quoted are guided prices and are subject to change. Product specification is subject to change without prior notification.
E/H/D: The price quoted refers to a product suitable for Hot Water. Electric and Dual Fuel options require additional elements; please contact AEON for a quote.
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