Technical Glossary


The BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the standard measurement used to define the amount of heat output of any heating appliance.


Is another measurement for heat output, 1-watt converts to 3.412 BTU per hour.

∆T 50

Delta T or ∆T 50 represents the difference between two temperatures – e.g. between a radiator and a room It is is the current European testing standard.

Heat outputs are based on  ∆T 50°C with 75 °C inlet / 65 °C outlet water and 20 °C room temperature.


Is the measure of heat a room loses, which is consequently an important calculation when determining what sized radiator is required to heat a space to the correct level.


Our commitment to quality is backed by a 20-year warranty for the stainless steel collection and a 10-year warranty for the aluminium collection. Further details available on request.


Is the unique identification code for all AEON products – this is used when ordering or inquiring about products.


A European wide colour matching system. Where this symbol is displayed, radiators are available in RAL colour chart options.


The finish refers to the appearance of the stainless steel radiator. This finish is stated on the website product page and catalogue product page.

The back surface of the “Polished Radiators” which are only mounted onto the wall is always Brushed Matt as the backside faces the wall except for Free Standing models.


The technical drawing refers to the outlined illustration for each radiator size. The technical data illustrates how the radiator needs to be fitted including dimension, distance and bracket information. Please note, not all technical drawings for every radiator are on the website. Please contact us for specific technical drawings.


Electric Only towel rail or radiator.


Hot Water only towel rail or radiator.


Dual Fuel; which is both electric in summer and central heating hot water in winter. 


Provided pre-filed with a heat transfer liquid and fitted with a compatible heating element. 


Special Made To Order and bespoke items: These are hand-made with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Stocked items are available with faster delivery. 


Pipe centre measurements are incorporating pair of valve distance of 45mm each where applicable.


Prices published are recommended retail prices and exclusive of any custom duty, levy, or value-added tax (VAT)

EN 442

EN 442 is the European standard which defines the manufacturing standards for radiators and convectors which operate at temperatures of less than 120°C. The standard defines the type of steel which must be used, the type of pressure testing which must be carried out and the accuracy of the heat outputs quoted in all AEON literature.

ISO 9001

Is a set of International regulations related to quality management systems.

ISO 14001

Is a set of International regulations related to the environment.

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