Truly Bespoke Sculptural Heating

Add your own personal signature piece to any room with Tardis, exclusively Made to Order. Choose any image you desire; a family portrait, a photo montage of favourite memories, a scenic landscape, an abstract design of your own creation – anything is possible.

For example, the image above shows Tardis featuring the beautiful calligraphic signature of the Ottoman Sultan (Suleyman, the Magnificent) in a highly polished crackled gold.

A glass finish vacuum seals your unique image behind a layer of shatterproof glass, with all fixings are discreetly located behind the radiator so as not to detract from your design.

We produce each Tardis with great care, offering you the flexibility of size and attention to detail which these signature home pieces deserve. We present a standard sized offering of 1820mm high x 515mm wide x 90mm deep; however, Tardis is truly bespoke, so please do get in touch if you have a specific dimension in mind.

Exclusively made to order, Tardis comes with a 20 year warranty, and is suitable for hot water, electric or dual fuel installations.

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